March 24, 2022

Best KC Engagement Photo Locations

In no particular order (well, aside from the last option!), scroll through to see a handful of the best KC Engagement photo locations!

#5 – World War One Memorial (aka Liberty Memorial)

Ok, Liberty Memorial may be one of the most sought after locations in Kansas City to take engagement and wedding photos, but I’m not here to judge. To be fair, it’s popular for a reason. Where else are you going to get such a grand view of Union Station and downtown Kansas City!

The key though, as with any location mentioned or not mentioned here, is to find a photographer who can “see” locations in a different way each time. Sure, the classic portrait in front of the skyline is timeless and beautiful, but what if you could explore the area a little bit, and find more hidden gems just steps away?

Liberty Memorial engagement photo
Best KC engagement photo locations
one of the best kc engagement photo locations

#4 – Shawnee Mission Park

Just 20 minutes away from Kansas City proper lies Shawnee Mission Park, a gorgeous natural park with a beautiful lake, trails, and endless wild plants and animals. The secret is out about this park, though, and in the spring through fall, the area is absolutely full of local photographers. Pro tip – stay away from the “popular” locations (*cough* small lake and bridge near the entrance *cough*). With 1600 acres to choose from – my suggestion to my couples is to just explore and roam with me. I never know what surprises I might find within the park, and it depends wholly on the time of year, time of day, and what is inspiring me at the time.

shawnee mission park engagement photo
fall engagement photos at shawnee mission park
engagement photo in the snow

#3 – Kansas City Crossroads Arts District

This urban paradise in downtown Kansas City offers my clients so many options and around every corner we can find interesting patterns, light, and architecture. The Crossroads is becoming a very popular place to hang out and local companies have transformed the area while still keeping its historic charm. The Kauffman Center, another extremely popular engagement and wedding photo location, resides in the Crossroads as well, but is actually one of the places I recommend staying away from on pleasant weather days, as it is always swarming with photographers aiming to take the same standard shot.

crossroads kc engagement photos
engagement photo grand ballroom kansas city
crossroads engagement photo

#2 – Nelson Atkins Museum

Perhaps the 2nd most popular location for photo shoots of all flavors, is the grounds of Nelson Atkins Art Museum. It’s not hard to see why – the grounds are absolutely stunning, well maintained, and the grand steps are a sight to behold all year round. While popular with photographers, couples, wedding parties, and families, I can always find my own artistic viewpoint as the sprawling grounds offer so many options.

shuttlecock engagement photo
Nelson Atkins engagement photo
Nelson Atkins museum engagement photo

and the #1 best KC engagement location is (drum roll please…)

#1 – Wherever the heck you are!

Honestly though, engagement sessions, wedding portraits, family portraits – they are about YOU. It’s great to have beautiful environmental portraits that showcase popular locations, but if I can capture the essence that is your relationship together, that is what is most important. Better yet, let’s find a location that is meaningful to your relationship! Favorite date night location? Let’s revisit. Live together? Let’s do an at home session. Meet at college? Let’s go to your alma mater. Whatever it is, and wherever you are most comfortable, is definitely a place we should visit. I don’t need popular locations to make meaningful, beautiful portraits of my clients. As long as you place your trust in me to create, and you come ready for a date night (with a camera clad third wheel!), we’ll make magic together and give you even more memories to celebrate your relationship and engagement season.

sunset engagement photo
Jordyn & Charlie, at sunset on their country property
Jack & Daryl, at their families lake home
engagement photo at KU
Megan & Brian, at the University of Kansas
country engagement photo
Jake & Natalie, at the spot they’d eventually build their dream home
Anthony & Marissa, at one of their favorite KC local beer halls
at home engagement session photo
Ivan & Christina, at their home
boulevard brewery engagement photo
Jake & Angelea, at Boulevard Brewery, one their favorite Kansas City hang outs
As we were walking around the Country Club Plaza area, I noticed the sun creating these really neat patterns. Was it planned? Nope! It just came to be while exploring the area. I put them in position, waited for a sweet moment, and here we are!

There you have it! 5 of my personal best KC engagement photo locations. Of course there are a few more – but a business has to have secrets, right?

Of course, if you want to forego Kansas City altogether and have a destination engagement session, we can make that happen too with the Silver+ collection. If you would like to know more about hiring Melissa Sigler Photography for your own wedding, click here to get in touch!



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