January 9, 2020

2019 in photos – KC wedding photography yearly recap

wedding photography yearly recap

2019 – what can I say. It was beautiful, colorful, full of unconditional love, crazy dancing, and a lot of amazing couples who keep up with my creative ideas with incredible enthusiasm. Below is my wedding photography yearly recap from my recent local Kansas City and destination weddings and engagements, followed by some personal imagery from our tour of Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy!

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On to a few personal images! I’ve had about 8 months to blog about my husband and I’s vacation to Australia and New Zealand in early 2019, and frankly, at this point who knows if it’ll ever happen. I thought I’d share a VERY brief highlight since we’re reminiscing on the year!

australian kangaroo
The cutest littlest curious kangaroo at Moonlit Sanctuary near Melbourne
feeding kangaroo australia
moonlit sanctuary walk australia
Our friends Laura and Irvin, who let us crash for a few nights in Melbourne! Miss you guys!
melbourne australia
great ocean road australia
A favorite capture from the Great Ocean Road
great ocean road australia
great ocean road australia
great ocean road australia
great ocean road australia
great ocean road australia
melbourne australia at night
penguins melbourne australia
heron island australia
Traveled north to Gladstone and then to Heron Island, to fulfill a bucket list item – scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. What I was NOT aware of at the time we booked, was Heron Island’s 250K bird population, and the ghostly sounds at night.
heron island australia
Denver on Heron Island, captured with our GoPro
heron island australia
sealy tarns new zealand
Missed a few days along the Australian coast because…reasons (if you want to know the whole story, ask…its a doozy), and after the worst three days EVER traveling, finally made it New Zealand. With no sleep, we decided to hike Sealy Tarns anyway (2200 steps, in the rain), and this basically sums up our mindset. (Well, and just Denver in general :)
sealy tarns new zealand
A couple we met, atop a mound on the Sealy Tarns track, surrounded by dense fog and rain.
milford sound new zealand
Milford Sound
milford drive new zealand
seals milford sound
The most adorable seals sunning themselves in Milford Sound
milford sound
moke lake loop
hiking new zealand
hike queenstown
gertrude saddle track
Denver, looking towards where we’d be climbing on the Gertrude Saddle track
gertrude saddle track
gertrude saddle
Last image taken before my Sony a7iii fell out of its holster, tumbled down this rock face, only to be stopped by a tiny plant below Denver before careening off into this glacier pond. (It survived.)
ben lomond
Last hike of our adventures around Queenstown, up Ben Lomond.
ben lomond
ben lomond
queenstown hiking
tongariro national park hike
Traveled to the north island for one last hike, up “Mount Doom” (aka Tongariro). Images taken via iPhone.
tongariro hike
gertrude saddle hike

One day I might finally memorialize our vacation on the blog, but for now, this quick recap hopefully gives you an idea of our travels! Looking forward to making it back to both Australia and New Zealand in the future. If you are curious about your own destination adventure, I’m excited to announce I’m now offering destination engagements within one of my wedding collections, and I’m always up for a wedding adventure as well!

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