September 1, 2015

On moving on, and moving up! | Introducing our new studio space!

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”  -Tom Peters

I am ecstatic to announce a big change for Melissa Sigler Photography, in the form of a gorgeous new studio space off Johnson Drive in Mission, Kansas.  As you might have known, my husband and I contracted Best Fargo Moving to pack our belongings and moved out of Lawrence just over a year ago to a home in Overland Park to be closer to his place of employment.  Because a large part of my business was already in the Kansas City area, it wasn’t too much of a change for me, but I hesitated at the time to give up my studio space in Lawrence.  It was a great location and the “middle ground” between my clients in Topeka, Lawrence, and KC.  However, recently I was offered an opportunity to move, and while I was reluctant at first, I felt as if this change needed to happen.  Below are a few “Q and A’s” about the move.

Why move from Lawrence?

I love Lawrence.  I grew up there and it is where my business got it’s start.  I owe so much to my friends, family, and clients who believed in me from the very beginning, when I worked from home, my first space in the 700 block of Mass Street, then the 800 block.  However, times are changing for my family and for my business.  Since we moved to Johnson County, I have developed a strong client base and realized that Lawrence isn’t offering the same opportunities it was when I was close by.  While the drive wasn’t bad at all, I found I was hardly using the space there, and for the past 6 months, it has been largely untouched.  Since I do my business and editing work out of my home office, and a majority of my shooting schedule is outdoors or in need of natural light, I wasn’t recouping the cost of rent from actually using the space.

If you work from home, why do you need a space at all?

The new studio space offers many amenities I didn’t have in Lawrence.  The natural light streaming through the large windows in the front are absolutely ideal for sessions, and there is a wonderful dressing room and meeting space for clients.  The location in Mission is also perfect for meeting clients at a central spot, close to Johnson County and the KC metro.  Since I do studio work, I am in need of a shooting space and am unable to do so from my home office.

Will you still continue to work in Lawrence and Topeka?

YES, of course!  Lawrence is still has my heart, and is my first home.  I still have loyal clients in the area and will continue to travel back and forth as needed!

Where is the new studio at?

I am sharing an amazing space with a few of my awesome colleagues, called the “Collective Studio” at 5811 Johnson Drive, in Mission, KS.  I will continue to hold consults, viewings, and meetings at my home office, and sometimes at the studio, depending on what is most convenient for my client!

Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio

This is the client meeting room. Artwork from my colleagues can be seen hanging around the studio, and as soon as I order more samples, mine will as well!



Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio


Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio

This dressing room is a major upgrade to the small space I used at the Lawrence studio! Look at all this room and comfort! Clients will feel so pampered!

Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio

Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio

These images won’t do this space justice until I am shooting a client, but the light streaming through the windows is just beautiful. I don’t think there will be a bad angle to photograph from.

Melissa Sigler Photography Kansas City Studio

I cannot wait to start photographing here in the coming weeks and I am extremely excited about the new direction and upwards change my business is taking.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the studio at

Melissa Sigler Photography’s new studio space address: 5811 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kansas



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